12 Memes For The Spookiest Day of the Year

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My skeletal friends, the gods of spookiness have smiled upon us this day – granting a Friday the 13th in the heart of the spookiest month of the year, Spooktober.

If any of us are strong enough to see the end of such a horrifically spooky day, may we share with others the joy these memes brought us in a time of pure terror.


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2. Unless you can take your skin off revealing skeleton bones, not interested

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3. Just when you thought you couldn’t even get any more spooky scary


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4. Take notes, honey

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5. They’ve been practicing all year round for this

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6. All bets are off. The scarers are getting scared too

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7. I prefer my ass spiritless

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8. If you are truly going to celebrate October’s Friday the 13th, you must select a class

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9. The one true bone rises stronger than ever

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10. Wherever this is happening, I want in

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11. Thank you Arby’s

12. The spookiest thing of all – reality

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