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16 Nightmare Pictures That Will Make Even a Grown Man Weep

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Hope you brought an extra pair of underwear ’cause your shits about to get spooked! 

Unless your name is Freddy Krueger, then get the fuck outta here saying this stuff didn’t scare you. We can see you shaking from here. 

If your name IS Freddy Krueger, then we’re very sorry please don’t do a murder on us while we sleep, that sweater you wear is super flattering on you.

1. We like to call this one “The Devil’s Crotch”. 

via ItsMil0w

2. Come to Dipsy…

via atomicpotato124

3. Humpty Dumpty, please take a great fall. 

via mike_pants

4. Five Nights at Chuck-E-Cheese.

via drugsarebad

5. Satan’s sonogram.

via SoNorthTheSunDoesntShine

6. He just wants a little hug. 

via EyB0ssIHabeACancer

7. Who’s a good boy?

via molgh

8. Give him your face!

via Tsardines

9. Who’s hungry?

via themantheycallreveen

10. Give the doge a kiss. 

via hublar

11. They’re hungry, they must feed.

via andrewinmelbourne

12. I will dry your hands for you. 

via Vottomatic

13. Come closer, friend.

via mindmerciful

14. Just imagine popping it between your teeth. 

via LockeProposal

15. Oh, hello. 

via reddit

16. Don’t go into the barn.

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