Kickstarter Wants To Replace All Tube Adverts With Pictures Of Cats

An organisation on crowdfunding website Kickstarter is spearheading a plan to make London a better place – by replacing all Tube adverts with pictures of cats. The Underground station of the future could be littered with adorable feline pictures rather than the advertisements we’re currently plagued with if the Citizens Advertising Takeover Service (CATS) gets its…


Paddy McGuinness Has Been Banned From His Marital Bed Since The Birth Of His Third Child

Paddy McGuinness has revealed he’s been sleeping in the spare room away from his wife, since the birth of their third child. The ‘Take Me Out’ host, 43, whose wife Christine gave birth to their daughter Felicity in September, said the new arrival has shifted their sleeping arrangements. “She usually wakes up for her bottle…