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LEGO-Based Therapy: How Colourful Bricks Are Helping Kids With Autism Improve Their Social Skills

Playing with LEGO can be more than just a way to prevent boredom, for some children it has the power to boost their social skills and build self-esteem. LEGO-based therapy is a social development programme for kids with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) or related social communication difficulties.  Debi Richmond’s 10-year-old son Adam, who has High Functioning Asperger’s Syndrome, improved…

Mum Dresses Five-Year-Old Up As Iconic Black Women, To Mark Black History Month With Inspiring Photos

A mum has been dressing her five-year-old daughter up as iconic black women every day in February to mark Black History Month. Cristi Smith-Jones, from the US, believes it’s never too early to educate kids about black history, so marked her daughter’s lesson in a brilliant way. She said her daughter, Lola’s, love for dress…