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Boy With Autism Who Had ‘No Friends’ Inundated With Cards And Gifts From Around The World

An 11-year-old boy with autism who wrote on his homework sheet that he had no friends has been inundated with gifts and cards. Christopher’s dad, Bob Cornelius, posted a photo of his son’s homework to Facebook last week with the heartbreaking realisation. When asked to finish the sentence: “Some of my friends are…”, he realised…


Mums Share The Hilarious Things Their Birthing Partners Have Done While They Were In Labour

Mums have been sharing their hilarious, cringe-worthy and embarrassing birth stories on Facebook. They were encouraged to go into the minute details after parenting blogger, Sarah Turner aka The Unmumsy Mum, requested her followers to hit her with the “funny things” their birthing partners had done. “I’d love to hear your stories, some of the ones…


Kylie Jenner’s 19th Birthday Party Will Give You Major Bikini Goals

Kylie Jenner turned 19 on Wednesday 10 August, and – in true ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ fashion – she held the most Instagrammable birthday party possible. Having already received two cars and a puppy, released a birthday makeup line and debuted some bright red “birthday vibes” cornrows, what was really left for her to do…


Mum In Tears After American Football Player Ate Lunch With Her Son Who Has Autism So He Wouldn’t Be Alone

The touching story of an American football player who joined a boy with autism at a dinner table, so he didn’t have to eat alone has captured many people’s hearts.  Bo Paske, from Florida, US, often eats his lunch on his own in the canteen at Montford Middle School. But on Tuesday 30 August 2016, American footballer Travis Rudolph…


The Real Junk Food Project Opens UK’s First Food Waste Supermarket

The good folk at The Real Junk Food Project (TRJFP) have already revolutionised the way we view food waste through their food banks and “pay-as-you-feel” cafés. But now they’ve taken their concept one step further, by selling food that would otherwise be destined for landfill in their very own supermarket. The team has recently opened ‘the…


Nearly A Quarter Of Children With Mental Health Problems ‘Turned Away By Treatment Services’

Nearly one in four children and young people with mental health problems are being refused the treatments they need, according to a new report. Around 23% of children referred for mental health treatment by their GPs or teachers are turned away, due to difficulty recruiting staff and government funding not reaching frontline services, according to the…


Dads Urged To Take More Photos Of Their Partners To Capture Family Life ‘Messy Hair’ And All

A woman’s post about why more dads should take photos of their partners has struck a chord with many mums. Kaylin Schimpf, from Texas, encouraged men to get behind the camera and capture family moments, including “messy hair, no makeup or a dirty old t-shirt”. Schimpf said too often, women are ones behind the camera.  “It…


This Designer Is Turning Actual McDonald’s Bags Into Fashion

Always dreamt of owning a Moschino McDonald’s-inspired handbag, but never had the budget? Label ALCH, created by recent fashion graduate Alexandra Hackett, has made a completely functional handbag out of a real, paper McDonald’s food bag. Hackett has been turning ‘waste’ materials she finds in day-to-day life into clothing and accessories for years – before…