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Emotionally-Involved Dads More Likely To Raise Kids With Fewer Behavioural Problems, Research Suggests

Dads who are emotionally involved with their children and feel confident as a parent are less likely to raise kids with behavioural problems, research suggests. A study by Oxford University found that a dad’s emotional attachment and strong bond with a child had a stronger effect on whether the child suffered problems, than how much childcare…

Badly Drawn Models Of Instagram Gets Male Models In On The Action… With Hilarious Results

In a world where perfect supermodels and their stunning selfies amass millions of followers on Instagram, one new account is providing a quirky breath of fresh air to our feeds. Self described illustrator, slacker and pizza fan Sean Ryan’s amazing Badly Drawn Models series is ‘beautiful people, drawn badly’ and, quite frankly, hilarious. Determined not…

Meet Christopher Mason, The Male Model In Selena Gomez’s ‘Hands To Myself’ Video

If you’ve seen Selena Gomez’s video for ‘Hands To Myself’, you’re probably wondering who on earth the semi-naked male model is and why you’ve never laid eyes on his celestial self before. Well, we tracked him down and his name is Christopher Mason (thank us later). He is so ridiculously beautiful it’s no wonder Gomez…