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This Artist Combined Garfield and Frasier To Create A Horrifying Monstrosity

Today, internet artist Branson Reese released what may be his finest work to date – a hybrid drawing, combining the likenesses of Garfield (the famous lasanga-loving feline) and Frasier Crane (Kelsey Grammer’s beloved sitcom psychiatrist character) into one perfect being. Garfield formed the body and some of the head, while the lifelike features of Kelsey…

12 Neckbeards That Need to Calm the Hell Down

Some people take the internet WAY too seriously. We know, you’re a big tough man who can smash all the trolls.  Like, christ, lighten up, you don’t need to bring a katana into this…unless it’s to shave that neckbeard off.  1. via NOT-PAUL-RUDD 2. via NeophytePoser 3. via Dyldor17 4. via YourVeryOwnCat 5. via imgur 6. via finaljustice09 7. via NeophytePoser 8….

10 Guys Who Got Shut Down in the Most Brutal Way

Everyone will experience rejection once in their lifetime. But hopefully it won’t leave a permenant scar. Unfortunately for these guys, their burns covered about 90% of their ego, and there’s not enough grafts in the world to repair that shit.  R.I.P. dignity.  1. via genocide15 2. via AmishHomeboy 3. via Tunadude 4. via ansum25 5. via AlanCorporation 6. via lugubriousmoron 7….