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10 “Deep Thoughts” That Are Just Dumb as Hell

Teenagers have an unfounded sense of intelligence. They really think that what they’re saying is profound in some way. To all the woke teens out there: please go back to bugging your mom about picking up more hot pockets at the grocery store. 1. via PatentedOtter 2. via rossgoldie 3. via Babbert_Scientific 4. via sisterchristopher 5. via maurypovichofficial 6. via GuitarOfWar…

13 Loose Cannons That Could Go Mad at Any Moment

These people are little hellions on training wheels, so don’t fuck with them, or they might get vewy angwy.  Luckily, we don’t have to worry too much because, let’s be honest, these guys are lamer than vanilla ice cream with raisins.  1. via Horrorpony11 2. via bottomless_ 3. via WraithTwelve 4.  via unibomber223 5. via ProfessorThomas 6. via KuJayhawk17 7. via grenHouseGremlin…