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12 Ridiculously Dumb Knockoffs That’ll Make You Laugh

Each one of these products probably faced a lawsuit shortly after their dumb creation. 1. FONY. This knockoff is self-aware. Der_Spaten 2. Y’know, everybody’s favorite DJ.  BreadPitts 3. You cannot go outdoors with this one. ThatOneTony 4. And let’s not forget everybody’s favorite: Connect Somewhere Between Three & Five JFFmoejoe 5. Golvin Kloins. Honestly, this…

13 Dumbasses Who Don’t Know a Joke From a Bowl of Lard

R.I.P. all jokes ever. As you can tell, they went straight over these people’s heads and blasted straight into the stratosphere.  Even though there’s no coming back from this humor wasteland, we’d like to say at least the comedians tried.  1. Et tu, Brute? via JDRuzkin 2. For sale: small studio apartment. via MerkyTV 3. PopPop can hold…