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Mum Dresses Five-Year-Old Up As Iconic Black Women, To Mark Black History Month With Inspiring Photos

A mum has been dressing her five-year-old daughter up as iconic black women every day in February to mark Black History Month. Cristi Smith-Jones, from the US, believes it’s never too early to educate kids about black history, so marked her daughter’s lesson in a brilliant way. She said her daughter, Lola’s, love for dress…

Emotionally-Involved Dads More Likely To Raise Kids With Fewer Behavioural Problems, Research Suggests

Dads who are emotionally involved with their children and feel confident as a parent are less likely to raise kids with behavioural problems, research suggests. A study by Oxford University found that a dad’s emotional attachment and strong bond with a child had a stronger effect on whether the child suffered problems, than how much childcare…

World Book Day 2017: Jacqueline Wilson On The Secret Behind The Success Of Her Kids’ Books

Jacqueline Wilson has made a name for herself writing unique children’s stories that challenge the stereotypes of a traditional family. From ‘Tracey Beaker’ to ‘Vicky’s Angel’, Wilson said addressing sensitive issues in a realistic manner is exactly what she set out to do, having felt the books she read as a child seemed to avoid…