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More Than 50% Of Parents With A Perinatal Mental Illness Contemplate Suicide

More than 50% of parents with a perinatal mental illness  contemplated taking their own lives while they were ill, a charity report has found. On top of this, 80% of the 1,047 parents who had experienced a mental illness during pregnancy or after birth surveyed by PANDAS Foundation (Pre And Postnatal Depression Advice and Support)  believe there is not enough…


Katie Price Sparks Online Debate After Allowing Junior And Princess To Have Instagram Accounts

Katie Price has caused a stir on Instagram after allowing her two eldest children to have their own accounts. The 38-year-old shared screenshots of 11-year-old Junior’s and nine-year-old Princess’ Instagram pages with their usernames on her own account.  “My baby boy has asked me for three years for Instagram so I’ve allowed it but I’m keeping…


Ritchie Neville Discusses Whether He Wants His Daughter Meeting Natasha Hamilton’s New Boyfriend

Ritchie Neville has spoken out about how he would feel if his one-year-old daughter met his former fiancée Natasha Hamilton’s new boyfriend. Neville, 37, and Hamilton, 34, were together for three years and had one child together, Ella, but split five months after getting engaged in March 2016.  Hamilton, who is also mum to Josh, 13,…


Secondary School Applications 2017: Parents Reminded About Looming Deadline

Parents of Year 6 children only have a short time left to get their paperwork sorted before the secondary school application deadline. The Government website states: “You must apply for a secondary school place by 31 October. Councils will send confirmations for secondary schools on 1 March.” It is important to check your local council’s website for more…


Dad Dressed Up As Mermaid To Match His Daughter At Disneyland (And It’s Adorable)

A dad and daughter duo who wore matching outfits at Disneyland are melting hearts online. The adorable pair, dubbed ‘Mermaid and her Mer-Dad’, were spotted strolling along hand-in-hand complete with their sequinned tails at the theme park. And Mer-Dad wasted no time in ensuring he had all the accessories, sporting gold-sequinned hand cuffs and a…


How Three Same-Sex Couples Chose Between Sperm Donation, Surrogacy And Adoption

For same-sex couples, starting a family can be a complicated process.  Although in the 21st century it has become easier for homosexual couples to become parents, they’re still faced with the tricky decision of choosing the best route to bring a baby into the world. There are around 20,000 dependent children living in same-sex couple families,…


Parents Can Be Trained To ‘Improve Life’ For Children With Autism Using Communication Skills

Parents can help improve the symptoms and behaviour of children with autism, by learning how to interact and understand them more effectively, a study has shown. This new form of therapy is said to offer a “potential breakthrough” in care for millions of families.  Parents were given intense communication training to teach them ways to interact with…