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The First Official Warcraft Movie Trailer Is A Virtual Reality App That Lets You Ride On A Griffin

The first official trailer for the Warcraft movie trailer is here, except it’s not something you strictly ‘watch’. It’s a virtual reality ride on a giant ‘Gryphon’ over a city from the film. Anyone with an iOS or Android device can download the trailer via iTunes or Google Play. You simply download the Legendary VR…

This Ultra-Rare SNES PlayStation Console Is The Nintendo/Sony Hybrid That Never Got Made

Incredible pictures have emerged of what appears to be the previously mythical SNES PlayStation console that was made by Sony for Nintendo but was never put into production. Uploaded onto the Assembler Games forum by user ‘Dnldbld’, the images show the ultra-rare console, its controller and even a games cartridge. According to ‘Dnldbld’, the console…