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Paella of the Land

This recipe, which was adapted from one Valerie Gurdal cooked in the 2013 running of the Westport Paella Contest in Westport, Massachusetts, and brought to The Times by John Willoughby, is classical in its use of rabbit, chorizo, Spanish ham and Calasparra rice. But its depths of flavors are increased exponentially by grilling the meats…


Shrimp Jambalaya

This relaxed take on the popular New Orleans shrimp stew comes together in about an hour, so you can get a taste of the Big Easy on a weeknight. Just make a quick slurry of onion, bell pepper, ham, parboiled rice, garlic, cayenne, thyme and tomatoes. Let it simmer until the rice is tender, about…


Braised-then-Baked Ham

Here is a sensible prescription from Julia Child for cooking a whole ham, which was featured in a New York Times article by Julia Moskin that explored the quandary of how to make a flavorful Easter ham. Braise the meat in wine and water to finish the cooking, then roast it in a hot oven…


Roasted Fresh Ham

This is a huge piece of meat that is simple to prepare and inevitably leads to applause and awe. A fresh ham weighing in at north of 15 pound yields the variety of doneness needed for a big party of eaters: well-done white meat, pink slices for the medium-rare crowd, and crispy fat and dark-meat…


Pan de Jamón (Venezuelan Ham Bread)

This recipe for the traditional Venezuelan Christmas bread comes from Martha Beltrán in Austin, Tex., who brought the recipe with her when she moved to the United States and now considers it essential to her family’s Thanksgiving feast. Ms. Beltrán always starts the bread the day before she serves it, laminating it with butter three…