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14 “Deep Thoughts” That Are Dumber Than a Bowl of Carrots

The only thing these people should be philosophizing is whether they should stop word-vomiting everything that comes to their head on Twitter.  But hey, what do we know, we’re just sheep who don’t even see that real eyes realize real lies. 1. Schrödinger’s cat killed itself. via gabriey 2. We have become The Internet. via risenrubix 3. Delete…

13 Loose Cannons That Could Go Mad at Any Moment

These people are little hellions on training wheels, so don’t fuck with them, or they might get vewy angwy.  Luckily, we don’t have to worry too much because, let’s be honest, these guys are lamer than vanilla ice cream with raisins.  1. via Horrorpony11 2. via bottomless_ 3. via WraithTwelve 4.  via unibomber223 5. via ProfessorThomas 6. via KuJayhawk17 7. via grenHouseGremlin…