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11 Terrifying Mascots That Will Not Get You Pumped For Anything

These mascots seem have seen a lot of things. A lot.    1. Cracker Jack Source: soiledsanchez 2. New Orleans King Cake Baby Source: larrybrownsports 3. Senor Testiculo (Brazil cancer awareness)  Source: newyorkdailynews 4. Delta State University’s Fighting Okra  Source: smashingtops 5. Munchic’s old mascot Bazi Source: 101greatgoals Page 1 of 2Next

12 Ingenious School Hacks Only the Raddest Students Can Pull Off

You may still fail your classes, but you’ll fail with your dignity kind of intact, goddammit!   1.  via emmastoneftw 2.  via metro 3.  via twitter 4.  via OpiumTea 5.  via beeleighve 6.  via OppaWumboStyle 7.  via RuggedlyHandsome 8. via distractify  9.  via whydontyoutrythis 10.  via thechive 11.  via smosh 12.  via ItsSoWarm

Suing Your Bad Roommate

Plaintiff: John, Apartment renter. Vs. Defendant: Rob, John’s roommate   Plaintiff, owner and occupier of apt. 12B, alleges as follows:     NATURE OF THE DISPUTE: The case is brought to resolve a dispute over the defendant’s horrible taste in everything. As testified by the plaintiff, under oath, Rob enjoys the lowest forms of entertainment…