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12 Terrible Roomates Who Will Throw You Into a Rage Spiral

This world is can be a real mean place filled with real shit situations and real asshole people. If you’re feeling frustrated, just remember to let the rage waft through you like a gently breeze and then fucking destroy everything in your jerk roommate’s room.  1. via distractify 2. via amyleighr 3. via ebaumsworld 4. via mvpetri 5. via peanutbutter14…

14 Times Tumblr Totally Nailed What It’s Like to Procrastinate

If you have a tendency to procrastinate, then you’re definitely going to understand these hilarious anecdotes. There’s nothing more stressful than waiting until the last minute to do something very important. But nothing feels better after actually pull it off.  And if you don’t procrastinate: don’t worry, you can always learn how to do it…