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13 True Assholes Bragging About How “Genius” They Are

What brave, intellectual souls they must be for telling the world just how great they are. We’re all going to give you a standing ovation for your contribution to everything cringe-worthy.  1.  via ClydeFroggg 2. via lowdown33 3. via SpiritualSalmon 4. via TheGreatUsername 5. via kopin77 6. via grandpatrout 7. via ReginaldChaos 8. via WittyPancake 9. via Tacoman10 10. via Frostedflockss 11. via atomicthumbs 12. via d1zzY…

13 Scalding Burns That Are Gonna Require Some Time to Heal

Dang, these burns are probably gonna leave a scar. May wanna get yourself some ointment.  1. via MisterRobot 2. via lemonkc7 3. via IcemanWolf 4. via JaromirAzarov 5. via myspacebarisnotworking 6. via iBleeedorange 7. via imgur 8. via RlyFlyForAWiFi 9. via Fart_booger 10. via yesallthegoodnamesweretaken 11. via nicewords 12. via funny-pictures-blog 13. via AmyLeek

11 Truly WTF Things People Actually Tried to Sell on Facebook

If you would even consider buying any of this stuff we will seriously have to question your morals and whether or not you may actually be a ferret.  1.  via Munchuck 2. via Brandy2008 3. via shacoby 4. via EvilKHANevil 5. via Photographitti 6. via ProfessorPootSack 7. via ThatRandomDouche 8. via DeLoreanMotorCars 9. via RedJeesus 10. via largebore 11. via Jennyjaja

10 Cringe-Inducing People Who Actually Think They’re Badass

Social media is a cesspool for people to brag about their non-accomplishments. It’s like, yeah, I can also loiter outside a 7-11 and smoke, but you don’t see me telling everyone about it (even though it’s super rad, you should have seen me flip off some cops that drove by).  1.  via BuzzMaintenance 2. via ebaumsworld 3. via Pomodorosan…

13 Liars Who Got Caught Red-Handed Spewing Some Real BS

If you’re going to just blatantly lie online, seriously make sure you won’t get caught, because that’s just sad. I mean, it’s funny for us, but very very sad for you. 1. via nugeon 2. via GoldenFyre 3. via Mach1azuress 4. via twentytwowords 5. via nastyburger2475 6. via techeblog 7. via viralnova 8. via thechive 9. via grabberwocky 10. via AntiHer0z 11. via doggxyo 12. via seriouslyforreal…

12 Neckbeards That Need to Calm the Hell Down

Some people take the internet WAY too seriously. We know, you’re a big tough man who can smash all the trolls.  Like, christ, lighten up, you don’t need to bring a katana into this…unless it’s to shave that neckbeard off.  1. via NOT-PAUL-RUDD 2. via NeophytePoser 3. via Dyldor17 4. via YourVeryOwnCat 5. via imgur 6. via finaljustice09 7. via NeophytePoser 8….

10 Guys Who Got Shut Down in the Most Brutal Way

Everyone will experience rejection once in their lifetime. But hopefully it won’t leave a permenant scar. Unfortunately for these guys, their burns covered about 90% of their ego, and there’s not enough grafts in the world to repair that shit.  R.I.P. dignity.  1. via genocide15 2. via AmishHomeboy 3. via Tunadude 4. via ansum25 5. via AlanCorporation 6. via lugubriousmoron 7….