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Mum Creates ‘Elf For Christmas’ Advent Tradition To Help Promote Good Behaviour During December

Parents will know only too well how excited children get over present-giving elves during the month of December. One mum was determined to make sure the tradition instilled care and kindness in her kids. Sarah Greenwell, 34, from Durham, who is mum to Holly, three, and Finley, two, came up with ‘Elf For Christmas’ while…

Why The Stigma Surrounding Single Parents Who Aren’t The Primary Caregiver Needs To Be Addressed

In 2016, there should be no shame about being a single parent who doesn’t have primary care of their child. According to single parent charity Gingerbread, there are around two million single parents in the UK. That accounts for a quarter of families with dependent children, which means there are many mums or dads who have children,…

Mum Makes Tiny Shirts For Premature Babies After She Struggled To Dress Her Son In Neonatal Intensive Care

A mum who gave birth to her son when she was 25 weeks’ pregnant is making tiny adaptable clothes for parents of premature babies.  Amanda Huhta, from Arizona, US, said she struggled to put any clothes on her son because he had so many wires attached to him. “You never really think it’s important until…