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London Restaurant Launches ‘Pay It Forward’ Campaign To Spread Positivity Around The Capital

For years charitable folk have been “paying it forward” by helping out people they’ve never met. But now, one London business is helping turn Pay It Forward into an official movement.  Bakery-cum-restaurant chain Le Pain Quotidien has launched its very own Pay It Forward campaign this week, giving diners the opportunity to purchase an extra…

Biodegradable Silk-Based Clingfilm Could Cut Food Waste Around The World

Scientists have invented a new silk-based alternative to clingfilm they claim can preserve food without refrigeration for more than a week. Biomedical engineers, from Tufts University in America, say the edible, biodegradable silk solution is so thin it is virtually invisible to the eye.  They hope the material will be beneficial to the environment and…

Shop Stocked With Litter Opens In the Forest Of Dean To Fight Scourge Of Rubbish

A shop stocked purely with litter has opened in Gloucestershire in a bid to encourage people to drop less rubbish. The “CON-venience” store is stocked with litter from collected from the floor of the Forest of Dean, to demonstrate the quantity and permanence of litter that is dropped. Decades-old crisp packets, drink cans and bottles…