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Charlotte Olympia’s Kitty Slippers Just Got An Emoji-Makeover

Charlotte Olympia has given her iconic kitty flats an Emoji-inspired makeover, and you’re going to lose your mind over how cute they all are. Her new line, aptly titled ‘Emoticats’, features six new styles including ‘LOL’ kitties, ‘Cheeky’ kitties and ‘Flirty’ kitties. Fun facial expressions are embroidered onto the British shoe designer’s signature velvet uppers…


Anniesa Hasibuan Brought Hijabs To The New York Fashion Week Catwalk In The Most Beautiful Way

Wednesday 14 September was a big day in the history of New York Fashion Week. Not only was it the first time an Indonesian designer had been included in the line-up, it was also the first time the hijab appeared on the catwalk. At just 28-years-old, it’s an impressive feat from designer Anniesa Hasibuan – whose…


Can You Really Wear Victoria’s Secret Underwear As Outerwear?

Victoria’s Secret tried to sell underwear as outerwear with its new ‘(Un)Dress Code’ collection, but people weren’t having any of it. Following a Facebook backlash to the adverts (which resulted in them being pulled), BuzzFeed staff writer Nina Mohan decided to give it the range a try, wearing three outfits to work for the day. Mohan wore…


New ‘Teva X Ugg Hybrid’ Shoe Causes Widespread Outrage

Ugg boots and Teva sandals have been fused together to create some sort of Frankenstein footwear hell. The new collaboration, called the ‘Teva x Ugg Hybrid’, combines Ugg’s fleecy insides with Teva’s sporty neoprene. They cost up to £175 and are seriously upsetting shoe fans. ”Is this a (horrible) joke?,” one Instagram user asked. “Teva…